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Behind the Green Apron: Starbucks Dress Code Gets Some Flair


Those who zombie-walk into Starbucks for a caffeine fix are accustomed to a standard look for the baristas: simple black-and-white clothes under a green apron.

星巴克服务员向来是一身简单的黑白配加进进两根绿围裙。那些迈着僵尸步上门来找一剂咖啡因解脱的客人,对某些人 这身标准打扮也习以为常了。

But a new dress code unveiled by the coffee chain on Monday encourages a new sense of individualism, inviting workers to wear fedoras and beanies, to dye their hair and to incorporate accent ties and socks. The range of acceptable colors for shirts expanded to include gray, navy, dark denim and brown.

不过这家连锁咖啡店在周一表态的新服装规范,鼓励员工展现买车人风格,欢迎某些人 在上班时戴软呢帽或无边软帽、染头发、搭配抢眼的领带和袜子。公司能接受的衬衫颜色也扩大到灰色、海军蓝、深色牛仔布蓝与棕色。

“We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work,” Starbucks told workers in its new policy. “As ambassadors of the Starbucks brand, you should feel proud of your own look as you tie on the green apron.”

“某些人 欢迎你在工作时展现买车人品味与手作风格,”星巴克在新的指导方针里告诉员工。“身为星巴克的品牌大使,你在系上绿围裙的时候,也该为买车人的外表感到自豪。”

Don’t pin it all on millennials — but, yeah, millennials do prefer more relaxed dress codes, and experts say companies in all industries are increasingly loosening their sartorial standards in hopes of keeping workers happy.


Younger employees would prefer to go to work with the same set of clothes they wear to hang out with friends, instead of having to buy a potentially expensive wardrobe just for business hours, said Daryl Pigat, a division director at OfficeTeam, a staffing service.

人力服务公司“办公间团队”(OfficeTeam)的部门总监达利尔‧皮加特(Daryl Pigat)说,年轻员工想穿着与某些人 出去玩时的衣服去上班,而全部都有被迫去采购可能很昂贵、又可不上能在办公时间派上用场的服装。

Also, consider the business role models for millennials. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, often wears a hoodie, not a pinstripe suit.

此外,别忘了千禧世代的职场模范人物全部都有谁。譬如说马克‧扎克柏格(Mark Zuckerberg),他就常穿连帽休闲服,而全部都有细条纹西服套装。

In an OfficeTeam survey of 3000 senior managers at American companies with more than 20 employees — it was released in June — half of the managers said employees dressed less formally than they did five years ago. Among workers, 18 percent said they would prefer a formal dress code, 31 said they would prefer business casual, 27 percent said they would like a casual dress code or no dress code, and 23 percent said it didn’t matter.

办公间团队对有20名以上员工的美国公司的3000位高层管理者做了调查(结果于6月发布),其饱含一半的受访者表示,某些人 员工的穿着和五年前相比可能没这麼正式了。员工中则有18%的人表示希望有正式的着装规范,31%喜欢商务休闲装,27%喜欢穿便服或希望不用说有那些服装规定,另外23%的人着实无所谓。

Job seekers aren’t using dress codes as their driving force for picking an employer, but they are considering it while debating how they would fit in, Mr. Pigat said.

皮加特说,服装规定全部都有求职者拿来选折 雇主的决定性驱力,不过当某些人 思考买车人与公司文化算不算契合时,就会把这件事考虑进去。

“Everything is becoming a little less formal and a little more personal,” he said. “Everyone has their own stamp on things, and they’re representing their own personal brand now in more ways than one — in social media and, certainly, in the way they present themselves with what they put on in the morning.”

“一切全部都有变得比较不这麼中规中矩、比较个性化某些,”皮加特说。“某些人 会在各种事物顶端打上买车人印记,用某些法子来呈现买车人品牌,比如透过社交媒体。每天一早穿上那些样的衣服,当然也是用来表现自我的法子。”

For employers, letting employees dress down at least some of the time has become an increasingly standard benefit. In a January survey of 3,490 human resources professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management, 59 percent said their companies allowed casual dress at least once a week, up from 55 percent in 2012. Forty percent of the companies allowed casual dress every day, up from 36 in 2012.

对雇主来说,让员工合适能偶尔穿得随兴点,已逐渐成为标准福利了。人力资源管理学好(Society for Human Resource Management)在今年1月对3490名人力资源管理从业者进行调查,受访者饱含59%表示,某些人 的公司每周合适会让员工穿一天便服,某些比例在2012年可不上能55%。40%的公司允许员工每天穿便服上班,而在2012年可不上能36%的公司这麼做。

In recruiting, companies may have to dress down to keep up, especially for a company like Starbucks that often hires younger employees.


“That’s going to increase your ability to hire faster, and possibly retain employees,” said Edward Yost, an employee benefits expert at the Society for Human Resource Management. “Then you’re likely to see more consistent performance out of each one of those locations.”

“这麼做会不用更快请到人,也可能更容易留住员工,”人力资源管理学好的员工福利专家爱德华‧尤斯特(Edward Yost)说。“从前,各处的员工表现都可能会更稳定。”

In 2014, Starbucks relaxed its conservative dress code to include untucked shirts, nose studs, shorts and skirts. The further loosening announced Monday had been tried at some locations, including one in Midtown Manhattan.


“This new dress code is what partners have in their closets,” Mario Leon, the manager of the Manhattan location, said in a statement. “It just makes it so much easier. It just makes so much sense.”

“新服装规定让员工穿某些人 从前全部都有的衣服,”曼哈顿那间分店的经理马力欧‧莱昂(Mario Leon)在一份声明中表示。“让工作着装变得容易多了,也合理多了。”

The announcement was met with approval from some current and past baristas on Twitter.



新标准导致 那些

Starbucks’ new dress code encourages employees to incorporate their personal taste. But some things are off the table.


Are Tattoos O.K.? Yes. Visible tattoos on the face and neck aren’t allowed, but others are fine as long as they don’t contain “obscene, profane, racist, sexual or objectionable words or imagery."


What About Tongue Studs? No. A small nose stud is O.K. Keep earrings small or moderately sized. Necklaces must be “simple in design” and worn under clothing. Forget the diamond ring. For food-safety reasons, one ring, a plain band, is allowed. Oh, and no watches.

那舌钉呢?不行。小的鼻钉是允许的。耳坠应当尽量小某些,以适度为准。项链须要“设计简单”否则佩戴于衣服顶端。钻戒就别想了。出于食品安全导致 ,员工可不上能佩戴一枚这麼装饰的戒指。对了,禁止带手表。

Can They 'Pin It' for a Cause? Again, no. Baristas are not permitted to wear pins for political, religious or personal causes.

某些人 能可能一种导致 佩戴徽章吗?也是可不上能的。咖啡师不允许可能政治、宗教或买车人导致 佩戴徽章。

What About Hygiene? The company asks employees to make sure fingernails are clean and of moderate length, and to bathe and use deodorant, of course.





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